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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – is the art of making your business more visible in search engines like Google, Bing etc. Below we will tell you how we at Artiosdev, a leading Oxford SEO agency, can increase your natural rankings in search engines.

Search engine optimisation should not be confused with search engine marketing – or Google Adwords, if you will. Search engine marketing is about paying Google to rank your site higher in the search results. This is done by bidding on different keywords. Unlike search engine marketing, search engine optimisation is not paid; one can not pay to get higher up in the organic search result, but must instead work with the content and their web pages to deserve a higher ranking in the search results.

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Back to SEO: “I’m already very visible in Google,” you might say. However, put yourself in the position of your potential customers for a moment and do the following exercise: Search Google for three words or phrases that you expect to find your own business at the top of Google for. Did you find yourself at the top of the three searches? Congratulations! Then you can really stop reading here. Did it not go so well? Read on. SEO Oxford specialists Artiosdev are here to help.

SEO is often called the “forgotten marketing exercise”. Many companies pump millions into marketing each year, without thinking about the most commonly used way to their website: via Google’s search results. But how do you become more visible in Google’s search results? In short, it is about two simple things: Relevance & Authority.

Relevance & authority

Google always strives to present the most relevant search results to its visitors. If you do not have content that corresponds to what the person is looking for, then you will not be visible in the search result. Slightly simplified explained: If you have not written an article about “chocolate muffins” when someone searches for “chocolate muffins”, then you will not be able to appear in the search result – you do not have the content the user is looking for. If you do not have the content, you can not get the traffic either.

However, SEO is also about authority. Once Google has selected all the sites that offer content that matches what the user is searching for, the results are sorted by how much Google trusts the site – that is, by authority. Authority is a mathematical expression and is expressed, among other things, in how many people link to your website.

The logic is that the more people who link to your website, the better the content must be – and the more trustworthy, or authoritative, Google considers you to be. Google gives you a score from 0-10 (where 10 is best), to tell you something about how trustworthy your site is. This score is called PageRank and is one of several signals Google uses to measure your authority. Simply put, the higher the authority Google perceives you to have, the higher your website will usually rank in the search results. Provided you have content that matches what the user is searching for, of course.

search engine rankings for your business.

Now you’ve learned a little bit about how SEO works – and how Google sorts its search results. But how many people are actually searching for your products and services? You can see this by using Google Keyword Planner . Enter 3-5 phrases you would like to be found on – and Google will tell you how many people search for these things each month. 

Then you can use a tool like Tiny Ranker to measure which position in the search result you rank for for each of the keywords. When you know how many people are searching for a particular word, and what ranking you have, then you have a good starting point for calculating the potential value of better search engine rankings for your business.

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