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Web designers: what are they, how do they work and how to choose the best?

Creating a website these days is a really easy process. You do not need a lot of knowledge and experience. However, to stand out from so much competition, it is necessary to have the services of a professional. For all this, if you want to achieve fantastic results, both for your company and for the users of your website, you must hire professional web designers.
At Artiosdev, in addition to offering you our web design services, we will explain why it is necessary to hire a professional web designer.

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What is a Web Designer?

Web designers are professionals in charge of creating or redesigning web pages. It sounds easy, but the reality is much more complicated than it seems. Different types of knowledge are needed to make an attractive and functional website, and each page must fulfill a specific function.

To create a successful website, a designer must understand the needs of the client and the target audience. Each project is different, a government page and an educational one, have different designs and a specific audience.

Web designers are experts in creating or redesigning all types of web pages, according to web design trends, client needs and the profile of the future web user.

Surely by now you must be asking yourself “So what’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer?” Well, in general terms they are similar, but they are not the same. Web designers focus on creating an attractive and original website design.

The web developer on the other hand takes care of the intrinsic characteristics and functions of a web page, that is, makes it possible for users to carry out the actions of this page.

So, how is the relationship between both professionals? They generally work as a team. The web designers can submit their design as a template in Sketch, Figma, or Photoshop, with markers, logos, positions, etc. Then, the developers will be in charge of developing the web with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, PHP, MySQL and other languages ​​that are necessary.

For all these reasons, web designers must have expert knowledge of web programming and be always aware of trends in web design and web layout techniques. If they meet this requirement, they will be able to create attractive designs capable of meeting the current needs of any client.

Types of web designers

Today, there are different types of designers , who fulfill specific functions. These are the most common:

User experience (UX) web designers

They are in charge of creating a perfect user experience on the website. To achieve this objective, they must develop a website capable of responding to user needs.

But, how to achieve a satisfactory experience? This can be achieved, thanks to the different activities that web designers must carry out. They are between them:
  • User demographic research.
  • Interviews
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Development of web page prototypes
  • Create tests for users.

These activities where users are involved are to find bugs or possible optimisations. Then from the results, the wireframes (that is, the skeleton of the web page) will be created.

But also, designers must create the hierarchy of content within the future page. After all of that is done, the UX designer will hand over the wireframes to the UI designer.

Web user interface (UI) designers

The role of UI designers is to guarantee a web page where users can interact . They ensure that each button, detachable and other elements, are functional, useful and can meet the needs of users.

They are also responsible for guaranteeing the receptive capacity of the page on the different devices where it can be viewed, such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Once their work is done, they send the work to the visual designers.

Visual designers

Visual designers can be defined as a mix between UI designers and UX designers. Its function focuses on the visual section of the page and how it will be perceived by users .

They take care of colors, visuals, themes, illustrations, paragraph styles, and other visual features.

What do web designers do and how do they work?

They are the designers in charge of creating web pages, following the needs of the client and the objectives of the project. To achieve this, they must fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Create eye-catching and responsive landing pages.
  • Work side by side with marketing and research teams to turn the website into a relevant site.
  • Ensure page compatibility on any device, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Help Front – end web developers to achieve optimal development of the web project.
  • Carry out tests and A / B Test to the website, to find faults and implement possible improvements.
  • Optimize loading speed and stability from the initial web design.
  • Optimize the design of the web to use the CMS preferred by the client.
  • Plan the type of text, size and location according to commercial criteria.
  • Add multimedia capacity to the page, based on the objective of the project.
  • Maintain constant and fluid communication with the client, to achieve the expected results.
As you can see, there are many responsibilities that web designers must fulfill. Therefore, they cannot do their work alone and need help from other professionals to achieve the project goals and deliver professional results.

How to Choose a Web Designer

There are many web developers out there, but not all of them will be the right ones for your needs. Therefore, you must follow these suggestions.

Define the needs of the project

Web designers on their own, in many cases will not be able to take care of all the programming work for the web, so they must work with a web developer. A web developer can be a back-end developer, front-end developer or a full-stack developer. Back-end developers are focused on data, modelling, and the back end of a website. Front-end developers help build what users interact with and see. A full-stack developer does some or all of the above.

You must ascertain the needs of the project. Do you only need a design for your project or do you need some development work to bring that design to life? From these questions, you should get an idea about the way forward.

It can often be difficult to communicate an idea or goal clearly and precisely.

To avoid problems about an unwanted result or even a bad job, it is necessary to hire only professional web designers, who perfectly understand your design needs and are able to meet your expectations.

Each web page is unique and has different objectives. The web designer must be able to create a design related to the target market and audience.

To be successful with a web project, it is necessary to have defined several criteria, such as the objective of the project and the budget to spend.

If these conditions are not met, you may not be able to get a good return on your investment. To achieve conversions and sales, you need an attractive, search engine optimised, fast and original web design.

You should think of your website as a business and the money spent as an investment. For this reason, asking for web budgets and opting for the lowest ones to save is not always the best option.

To ensure success, it is necessary to consider all available designer options, assess their skills and budgets, to hire the most suitable one.

Visit the website and portfolio of web designers

Any web professional on the internet must have proof of their skills and knowledge, such as those demonstrated in a portfolio. It is important to analyse in detail the previuos works of any web designer.

If the portfolio consists of a large number of pages, from different clients and with very varied aesthetics, you are facing a professional with the ability to adapt to different projects.

In addition to aesthetics and design, you should make sure of other factors, such as loading speed, originality, usefulness and adaptability on various devices.

Value the personality of web designers

Web designers must have a personable and easy-going personality, in order to have excellent communication throughout the project.

Otherwise, if it is difficult to communicate fluently with the designer and does not inspire confidence, then you should think about hiring a more suitable one.

Check the scope of work

Since a designer’s knowledge can vary greatly, you must analyse the scope of the professional’s skills.

Many times, web designers include the cost of graphic design jobs. But in some cases you will have to hire a graphic designer.

In other circumstances, these professionals will help you with maintenance tasks after completing the web project.

You must break down the elements that make up the cost of the project.

Define the process and time available

This section will depend on the needs of your project. Some may be delayed and others have a strict deadline to be completed.

You must establish an estimated delivery date with the designer and plan all the deliverables to be covered, to have the expected results in the projected time.

Compare the prices of web designers

It is never ideal to just focus on the lowest prices. Your website is an investment in the future and you should not skimp on the budget in an exaggerated way. In many cases, cheap is expensive.

Among several budgets, you must choose the most appropriate to your project, not the cheapest.

Tell us about your web project and let's start something great!
We will work together to achieve a website that is true to your business, secure, fast and well positioned in Google Search Engine Results Pages. A website that produces results!

Web designers, key to your online project

The design of a page is essential to achieve the success of any company and sector on the Internet.

As explained earlier in the article, there are many factors necessary to create a winning and original design and they all go through choosing the right web designer.

I say goodbye reminding you that at Artiosdev, we have the expert knowledge to offer you the best web design and development services.

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